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Diesel Diagnostic Tools


No longer do you need to hope that a technician can come and plug in to diagnose your heavy duty fleet. Jaltest empowers your service to plug in, diagnose, perform special functions like forced regens and repair your heavy equipment.

Jaltest Software, diagnostic tool & cables

Jaltest is a multi brand diagnostic software solution for over 650 brands, thousands of models for off highway, agriculture, on highway, material handling and marine you are now equipped to repair and maintain your fleet.

Diesel engine & Systems measurement

Diagnostic Tool

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Fault Code Reader

Troubleshoot by Fault Code

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Technical Data

Get the proper torque specs, system specs, pin outs, voltages, layouts, routings and more. Technical information is integrated into the diagnostic process allowing you to stay in the same system.


View interactive system and wiring diagrams that enable you to drill through to component information, diagrams, pin outs and more. Determine the connects and view the pinout to know what needs to be tested.

Maintenance Data

No service manual nearby, no problem. Get your maintenance data, service intervals and more to keep this data at your fingertips instead of in the equipment, other systems or searching in google.

Jaltest Info

Technical Information

Jaltest Info provides technical information on your components. Visual diagrams, pictures, and drill down details provide you with the components specs, visual location all inside the same system.

Component Replacement Guides

Get step by step component replacement instructions. The instructions are complete with diagrams, pictures and more to help speed up and ensure accurate repairs.

Releases and Publications

Important notes related to an specific system or to manual procedures, such as calibrations, parameter settings

Repair Times

Tech Support

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Jaltest Cables