Caterpillar Diagnostic Tool


      Are you looking to have the same service capabilities as Cat ET electronic technician to diagnose your construction equipment? Now Plug in to your Cat heavy equipment from a Cat Mining truck to a Caterpillar skid steer and get dealer level diagnostics with a Jaltest Caterpillar diagnostic tool equipped with Jaltest diagnostic software. In addition to Caterpillar, get access to 100 other brands of engines and construction equipment. One process to diagnose your entire fleet.

      A Jaltest diagnostic tool enables you to connect with your Caterpillar heavy equipment to quickly diagnose your fault codes, troubleshoot symptoms, and perform special functions like forced regens, code injectors, calibrate transmissions, buckets, blades, and more. In addition, you get the technical information such as wiring diagrams and component specs to get your Caterpillar heavy equipment back to work.

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      86 products

      86 products