Why Jaltest is a Great Choice to Diagnose Ford Commercial Trucks

When it comes to Ford commercial trucks, proper diagnostics are paramount for longevity, performance, and safety. Having the right tools to interpret and resolve codes and perform special function is crucial to managing your Ford commercial fleet.. The right software not only makes diagnosis easier but also efficient and accurate.

Ford Diagnostic Codes List

Every problem your Ford truck might experience corresponds to a specific code. This means, rather than taking a wild guess or diving deep into the engine blindly, technicians can use these codes to pinpoint the exact issue using Jaltest Diagnostic Software.  Jaltest integrates the technical information and repair trees with the fault codes to make diagnosing easy.

Ford Truck Diagnostic Software: The Power of Jaltest Diagnostics

Jaltest Diagnostics is a cutting-edge platform for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, and it covers a broad spectrum of vehicles, including Ford commercial trucks. The software doesn't just provide the ford diagnostic codes list but is an integrated solution that offers a range of features:

  • Ford Diesel Diagnostic Tool: With the rise of diesel engines in Ford's fleet, having a dedicated tool that understands the intricacies of such engines is a boon. Jaltest is adept at diagnosing diesel-specific issues. Special functions such as forced regens, cylinder cut out test, injector coding and more are a breeze with Jaltest.

  • Ford Diagnostic Software for Laptop: Mobility is key in today's world. Jaltest’s Ford diagnostic software for laptop ensures that you can diagnose your truck from virtually anywhere, provided you have your Jaltest computer.

  • Ford Computer Diagnostic Software: At the heart of Jaltest Diagnostics is its advanced software. It offers a streamlined, easy to use interface, efficient diagnosis procedures, and detailed insights.  Everything from wiring diagrams, live measurements and technical information are integrated into the diagnostics and easy to perform.

Why Jaltest Stands Out

With numerous platforms offering Ford diagnostic scan tools and software, what makes Jaltest the preferred choice?

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The last thing a technician needs is a complex interface. Jaltest software, with its intuitive interface, ensures ease of use.

  2. Consistent Updates: With vehicles evolving, diagnostic tools need to keep pace. Jaltest provides 3 annual updates to ensure compatibility with the latest Ford commercial trucks and their systems.

  3. Affordability: Quality doesn’t always have to come at a premium. Jaltest offers the best Ford diagnostic software at competitive prices, making it a great choice for both individual technicians and large service centers.

  4. Trust & Reliability: With positive reviews and a proven track record, it's no surprise that when it comes to Ford commercial vehicle diagnostics, professionals trust the Jaltest system.


Diagnosing Ford commercial trucks requires precision, comprehensive code lists, and sophisticated software. With Jaltest Diagnostics you get all this and more. For anyone looking for reliable, user-friendly, and affordable Ford diagnostic software, Mechnician is your go-to supplier. Remember, a truck diagnosed correctly is a truck that lasts longer and performs better. Choose wisely! Choose Mechnician!


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