Cat Skid Steer Loader Diagnostic Tool


      Calibration of Cat 226D Implement Pump with Jaltest

      Cat Skid Steer Diagnostic Tool

      Are you the owner of a Caterpillar Skid Steer and in need of some diagnostic work? Let Jaltest help you out. Equipped with their dedicated Cat Skid Steer diagnostic tool, Jaltest offers an unparalleled service that matches even dealer level diagnostics. This tool provides a seamless connection to your Skid Steer, ensuring efficient diagnosis and troubleshooting.

      The Jaltest diagnostic tool is no ordinary gadget. It's packed with the Jaltest diagnostic software, designed to facilitate easy and quick diagnostic services for your Caterpillar equipment. This handy tool enables you to identify and rectify fault codes swiftly, troubleshoot symptoms accurately, and also provides detailed repair instructions to ensure your Caterpillar equipment is up and running in no time.

      What's more, the Jaltest diagnostic tool is not just for reading Caterpillar skid steer diagnostic codes it is capable of performing advanced tasks like forced regeneration, calibrating joysticks, injector coding and more. It's like having a mini technician on standby, always ready to make your equipment operational again.

      In addition, Jaltest takes pride in the comprehensive technical information provided to users. This comes complete with wiring diagrams to assist in diagnosing issues related to the engine, hydraulics, and central computer of your Caterpillar Skid Steer. It's not just about identifying the problems; it's about understanding them and finding the best solutions.

      Invest in Jaltest's Caterpillar Skid Steer diagnostic tool and experience advanced, dealer level diagnostics at your fingertips. It's your one-stop solution for maintaining the health and performance of your equipment.
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      Special Functions

      Depending on your series and systems, Jaltest can perform some of the following special functions on your Cat skid steer or Cat compact track loader.
      • Forced regen
      • Code Injectors
      • Regeneration counter reset
      • Calibrate Bucket Crowd
      • Calibrate dump valve
      • Calibrate forward steering
      • Calibrate reverse steering
      • Calibrate left control lever
      • Calibrate right control lever
      • Calibrate lowering valve
      • Calibrate raising valve
      • Calibrate Fuel Pump
      • Cylinder Cut out Test
      • Regeneration counter reset

        86 products

        86 products